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Black Swamp, Black Frog, Black Cloister

There are five breweries in the city I call home, Toledo, OH. Three of these have one thing in common; they all have the word Black in their name; Great Black Swamp Brewing Company, Black Frog Brewery, and Black Cloister Brewing Company. Despite this Continue reading Black Swamp, Black Frog, Black Cloister

What’s in a Name?


One of the thingsimage that I like about the craft beer industry are the names – the names of  the beers and the names of the breweries that brew them. The industry is full of clever and amusing names. For beer this includes  Hoppy Ending (yes, that’s a hop getting a massage), Polygamy Porter (“Why Have Just One?”), Blithering Idiot (at 11.1% ABV this English style barleywine may turn you into Continue reading What’s in a Name?

The Art of the Beer Label

There has been much discussion in the growing literature on craft beer about neolocalism. Usually that fancy term ‘neolocal’ means the homage paid to the inclusion of local ingredients such as locally produced hops or grains used in the products of microbreweries that have a geographically limited distribution range. Used in this sense, neolocal is similar to the French term terroir usually associated Continue reading The Art of the Beer Label