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Last Call?

Jim Koch, who founded Boston Beer Company in 1984, is an iconic figure within the world of craft beer.  Forbes Magazine refers to Koch as a “founding father of the American craft brewery movement”. There can be little argument that the entire craft beer Continue reading Last Call?

Holy Toledo, I Went To Church In A Brewery

I went to church last Sunday. Nothing unusual in that. I go most Sundays. What was unusual was that I actually went to church twice. The first time was to the church I usually attend – Augsburg Lutheran Church in Toledo, OH. The second time was to a church I Continue reading Holy Toledo, I Went To Church In A Brewery

Global Beer Trends in 2016

The global beer industry has grown significantly in the past two decades, with global beer production rising from 1.3 billion  hectolitres (34.3 billion U.S. gallons) in 1998 to 1.96 billion hectolitres (51.8 billion U.S. gallons)  in 2014.   That growth has levelled off slightly in the past few years as consumption levels have declined in some developed countries.  Fortunately, that decline has been offset by an increase in Continue reading Global Beer Trends in 2016