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Food For Thought

Enjoying a beer at the Mad Anthony Brewing Company in Fort Wayne, IN
Lansing Brewing Company in Lansing, MI
The Vierling Restaurant and Marquette Harbor Brewery in Marquette, MI

According to the Brewers Association most Americans live within ten miles of a craft brewery. While I have been aware of this fact for some time it really struck home earlier this summer when I was returning home from a family wedding. The wedding was in Noblesville, IN which is about three hours and fifteen minutes southwest of Toledo by car. The wedding was on a Saturday afternoon and so we stayed overnight in nearby Fishers, IN and drove home the next day. Before we left to drive Continue reading Food For Thought


My wife and I just spent ten days in Austria. Most of the time was spent in Vienna, but we did take the train to Salzburg and spent two and a half days there. This was part of a longer trip to Europe where we also spent some time in Munich, Germany, and Poznan, Poland. The trip was a mix of business and pleasure. I was attending a couple Continue reading Vienna

A Beer for Women?

Back in May I came across a story in the USA Today. A new brewing company was up and running in Lakeland, FL. Nothing particularly newsworthy about that. Craft breweries are opening up at a rate of more than one a day. In 2015 alone 617 new craft breweries opened Continue reading A Beer for Women?

Eight Beer Bottles Sitting On A Sill

My view of University Hall from my office

I have two windows in my office at The University of Toledo, one of which overlooks the university’s Centennial Mall. From that window I can watch students and faculty crisis-cross the mall as they move from one Continue reading Eight Beer Bottles Sitting On A Sill

Global Beer Trends in 2016

The global beer industry has grown significantly in the past two decades, with global beer production rising from 1.3 billion  hectolitres (34.3 billion U.S. gallons) in 1998 to 1.96 billion hectolitres (51.8 billion U.S. gallons)  in 2014.   That growth has levelled off slightly in the past few years as consumption levels have declined in some developed countries.  Fortunately, that decline has been offset by an increase in Continue reading Global Beer Trends in 2016

School Days

Beer and college tend to go together. Those of us who attended an institution of higher learning, in all likelihood, consumed huge volumes of beer while pursuing our studies. I know I did. But then again I was in college for ten years straight while amassing an undergraduate and two graduate degrees. So between 1981 and 1991 I had plenty of time to drink beer. And like most college students on a tight budget it was Continue reading School Days

A Question of Beer

Last week I was the after-dinner speaker at the annual meeting of the Maumee Valley Growers Association (MVGA). MVGA is a non-profit organization that works to strengthen the economic vitality of the northwest Ohio greenhouse industry. I was on familiar ground attending this event. I knew many of the growers very well. With funding Continue reading A Question of Beer

The Guinness Storehouse

One could hardly come to Dublin without visiting the Guinness Storehouse. So that is what my wife and I did during our recent trip to that fair city. Guinness and I go back a long way. Of all the beers that I currently drink with any regularity Guinness is the one with which I have the longest association. My Guinness drinking days go back over 30 years to when I was undergraduate student at the University of Continue reading The Guinness Storehouse