Scotland’s Lager Lovelies

This pier at Tarbet on the shores of Loch Lomond was no more than a 15 minute walk from my parents’ home

I was born and raised in Scotland. I lived there (with the exception of an 18 month hiatus in London, England) from my birth in 1963 until emigrating to the United States in 1985. I grew up in the small Highland village of Tarbet. Continue reading Scotland’s Lager Lovelies

Beer-Oriented Development

A few weeks ago a colleague from Bowling Green State University sent me an e-mail. He was interested in getting together to explore the possibility of engaging in some collaborative research around the beer industry. Russ told me that his interest was in beer-oriented development (BOD). It was not a term with which I was familiar. But that’s why we have Google, right? The term appears to have been coined by  Continue reading Beer-Oriented Development