On the Road with The Beer Professor

The following is a list of upcoming beer related events and activities that The Beer Professor will attend in 2017:

February 15-18, Western Regional Science Association Annual Conference in Santa Fe, NM. I spoke on Geographic patterns of craft breweries at the intra-metropolitan scale. My colleague Isabelle Nilsson on the University of North Carolina at Charlotte will be co-presenting this research with me. Matthew Lehnert of the University of Toledo is co-author on this work.

March 3 – 11th, Annual Glass City Beer Festival at the Lucas County Recreation Center. My wife and I volunteered at this event for the third year.

April 5-9, Annual Conference of the American Association of Geographers in Boston, MA. I spoke on Embracing the old: Craft breweries and adaptive reuse.

May 17-12, Biennial Conference of the Pacific Regional Science Conference Organisation (PRSCO) in Tainan, Taiwan. I spoke on The emergence of the American craft beer industry: Challenges and opportunities for the hops industry.

June 7-9, 48th Annual Conference of the Mid-Continent Regional Science Association in Toledo, OH. I was the speaker at the conference awards luncheon. The title of my talk was Rebels, renegades, and revolutionaries: The Social and economic geography  of American craft beer.

June 12-14,  Fifth Beeronomics Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark I spoke on Geographic patterns  of craft breweries at the intra-metropolitan scale. This is research done in collaboration with Isabelle Nilsson of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Matthew Lehnert of the University of Toledo.

August 27-29, I spoke on Craft beer, tourism, and rural communities at the Regional Science Academy Conference on ‘Sustainable Villages and Green Landscapes in the New Urban World’ in Dalfsen, the Netherlands.

September 7-8, I was a panelist in session titled Brewing up a revitalized downtown at the Fall conference of the Northern New England chapter of the American Planning Association, in Manchester, Vermont.

September 18, I will be presenting a seminar at  the Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI) in L’Aquila, Italy. The seminar’s title is Brewing growth: The economic development potential of craft beer.

September 20-22, Annual Conference of the Italian Association of Regional Science in Cagliari, Italy. I will be giving a presentation titled Yesterday’s tradition, today’s taste: The potential of craft beeer to bolster tourism in peripheral regions.

September 25, I will be presenting a lecture at the Institute of Spatial Management and Housing in Warsaw, Poland. The title of my lecture will be  Craft breweries and the post-industrial city: The American experience.

November 6, I will be speaking on Social interaction in urban public places: The case of the American craft brewery, at the Regional Science Academy Conference on ‘Shared Spaces in Smart Places’ at Harvard University’s Kennedy School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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