On the Road with The Beer Professor

The following is a list of upcoming beer related events and activities that The Beer Professor will attend in 2016:

January 19-20 – Regional Science Academy Conference on “It’s a Small World: Big Data and Beyond” in Stockholm, Sweden. I will be making a presentation on Dynamic Market Information: The Case of Craft Breweries.

February 3 – Will be attending a meeting at Terra State Community College in Fremont, Ohio lending my expertise to a new initiative to develop a Craft Brewing Certificate Program.

February 14-17 – Western Regional Science Association Annual Conference on the Big Island of Hawaii. I will be speaking on Inter-metropolitan Location Patterns of Craft Breweries in the United States.

March 4 – 10th Annual Glass City Beer Festival at the Lucas County Recreation Center. My wife and I will be volunteering at this event for the second year.

June 7-9 – Mid‐Continent Regional Science Association 47th Annual Conference in Charlotte, NC. With my colleague Isabelle Nilsson. I will be co-presenting a paper titled  Intra‐metropolitan Location Patterns of American Craft Breweries. 

August 15-16  – Regional Science Academy Conference on Urban Empires – Cities as Global Rulers in the New Urban World in Poznan, Poland. I will be presenting a paper titled Geographic Clustering of Craft Breweries in Select American Cities. This paper is co-authored with Isabelle Nilsson and Matt Lehnert.

August 22-26 56th Congress of the European Regional Science Association in Vienna, Austria. I will be presenting a paper titled  Urban Location Behaviors among American Craft Breweries. This paper is co-authored with Isabelle Nilsson and Matt Lehnert.

September 14-17 – 48th Annual Conference of the International Society for Landscape, Place and Material Culture in Bowling Green, KY. I will be presenting a paper titled Craft Breweries and Adaptive Reuse.

October 7 – I will attend a presentation at The Toledo Museum of Art titled The Archaeology of Beer by Christine Hastrof of the University of California, Berkeley. The lecture is part of The Archaeological Institute of America’s (Toledo Chapter) 2016-17 Lecture Program.

October 13-14 – East Lakes Division of the American Association of Geographers in Marquette, MI. I will be presenting a paper titled Millennials, Neolocalism, and the Growth of Craft Beer in America.


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